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Our program consists of one simple formula

Each horse we work with is treated as an individual with a work schedule of its own. We train horses so that they learn the right way from the beginning, and don't take shortcuts that will pressure the horses to perform without learning. The majority of the horses we ride do several events, and do them well. The horses we train, we want to last and be consistent performers for years to come, not just one hit wonders.


Eaton-Clark Performance Horses began operating out of Deerfield Farm in June of 2001. With the availability of this beautiful facility and the excellent staff, ECPH is able to offer the highest quality of care to the horses in our program. Deerfield Farm is conveniently located an hour from Cleveland, Ohio, Youngstown, Ohio, and Erie, Pennsylvania. It is also within minutes of both Interstate 90 and State Route 11.


16 Stall Show Barn
This barn is for the finished show horses. The show barn is climate controlled and kept between 60 and 65 degrees in the winter. It also has a thermostatic cooling system to provide relief from the hot summer air.

8 Stall Training Barn
This barn is for the the unbroke and green broke horses. It also has a thermostatic cooling system. This barn is separate from the show barn to ensure that the young horses are not exposed to the illnesses that older horses become immune to in their travels.

Eash stall measures 10 x 12 feet, with solid wood walls to allow each horse to have its own private space. ALl stalls have an Orion lighting system kept on 16 hours a day. This allows the horses to keep their short, shiny haircoats all year long. Additionally, each stall has a drop down head door to allow horses a view down the aisle during the day.

Wash Stall
A 10 x 12 wash stall is available for bathing your horse. The wash stall is equipped with an overhead hose, much like a car wash, to allow for easy handling of the hose without having to worry about tangling or stepping on it during use.

Hay & Sawdust Barn
This 40 x 60 foot storage barn houses hay and sawdust, allowing us to keep our supply separate from the horses and cutting down on the risk of fire and other hazards.

Broodmare & Foaling Barn
12 x 24 foot foaling stalls provide a peaceful place for our broodmares and foals, away from the busy training facility. This barn in the home of Future Performance Horses.


A graduate of the University of Findlay, Seth holds a degree in Equine Science. He has shown horses to many futurity and circuit championships, as well as Top Ten finishes at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress. Additionally, Seth has qualified a number of horses for the AQHA World Show.

Amber Clark & A Burning Romance

Also a graduate of the University of Findlay, Amber holds degrees in Equine Science and Equine Business Management. Amber has successfully shown in major futurities, shown All-American Quarter Horse Congress Finalists, qualified for the AQHA World Show, and shown on the hunter circuit.

Ken Clark & Attitude!

A "retiree", Ken is the maintenance guy at ECPH. He can be found building projects, hauling horses, and doing just about anything you can think of to help out.

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